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    Kevan Casey is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and business owner with a longtime passion for poker, and an avid philanthropist.

    Kevan Casey began playing poker for fun amongst friends. As he was cementing his reputation in the oil and gas community, he joined some friends in the industry for a good time. He quickly found he possessed a natural aptitude for poker, even at higher stakes, which catered to both his competitive nature and love for the mental aspect of the game. Kevan has since participated in the World Series of Poker on an annual basis and has placed 8th in the LA Poker Classic.

    Born and raised in the Houston metropolitan area, Kevan Casey began his career by joining the family business. He entered the firm at the bottom, starting with shipping and receiving at the warehouse and working his way up until he eventually earned his place among the executive leadership.


    Kevan Casey now owns a storage facility in northern Houston, which is already undergoing a new round of expansion. Self-storage allows you and your family to prioritize which belongings best suit your current lifestyle, without forcing your to make a sacrifice you may later regret. Putting valuable and keepsakes in a safe, affordable place creates new opportunity for you to worry less about clutter and more about the things that matter.


    Kevan is also an avid philanthropist, a staunch advocate for his team members, believing deeply that everyone, regardless of their seniority or title within an organization, deserves the right to contribute positively. Throughout his career, Kevan Casey has remained unwavering in his dedication to his local community. No business exists in a vacuum, and Kevan understands well the importance of giving back. Among the causes that he is most passionate about are education, health, poverty alleviation, and veteran affairs.

  • Kevan Casey Foundation

    A non-profit foundation based in Houston, Texas developed by Kevan Casey himself.


    The Kevan Casey Foundation is proud to support many organizations, but especially those that help the children of Texas. Education is crucial at an early age, which is why this non-profit donates effort and time to the many children's charities throughout the state.


    The care and well-being of those that have served our country deserve the attention of all philanthropic organizations, which is why the Kevan Casey Foundation proudly supports veterans charities throughout Texas.

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